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The 24/7 Talent Competition

You have only 60 seconds to show America what you can do!

Users all over the United States can rate acts in their favorite categories, or even compete themselves by uploading a short video.  It is a never-ending contest where videos of competitors will rise and fall based on current trends and the user opinions.

See who America is voting as the Top 10 top acts in each category!

Compete yourself, and see up-to-the-minute where you rank in the USA!

Get exposure around the country and possibly even attract new fans and followers to your social media sites!


How the Competition Works:

Authorized users can upload the app for free, and then watch and vote in all competitions free of charge.  

Users can view the videos in any competition and then vote using a star system.  They can rate each video between one and five stars, with one star being the lowest rating and five stars being the highest.

TopThis uses a computer algorithm to determine which acts are receiving the highest ratings across the United States, and it ranks the videos accordingly on the Top 10 page in each category. 

TopThis contestants may be able to use the exposure they receive as a result of being continually ranked on the Top 10 list in their category to make industry connections, as well as attract new fans and followers.


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